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NEXUM Technology
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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Value Gain

The nexum Revenuetion 'Value Gain' relationship. 

Value =  is that quality of anything which renders it desirable or useful. 

Do you purchase technology or invest in it? What value do you expect, what is your approach to value gain?

Most cars have four wheels, an engine, seats, brakes etc, but the price range ca start at a few £1,000 for a new one to £1,000,000 - so why the gap? The price difference relates to value offered by the supplier and perceived by the buyer. Comfort, economy, speed, image, reliability, running costs etc are all value components. 

Take the Apple iPad, it currently commands a 30%+ premium over competitive products, why? It is the value buys gain from the experience - reliability, image, functions, quality. 

When you look at software now, do you see it as a solution to deliver a gain in 'value' now, in six months and each year afterwards? Do you see us as 'suppliers' or 'partners'?

Working together we are enablers; enabling change, improvements, benefits, low risk, comfort - or value as we see it. Throwing technology at a problem is just that, 'know-how' makes the difference. 

Tuesday 8 January 2013

If it saves lives...

We really gain a lot from reading about the principals and procedures adopted by the pharmaceutical and medical industry, not because we have an interest in joining that industry BUT because what they do has to work or else. The developments in this sector within the previous 40 years has cured many fatal illnesses, prolonged life for many others and generally helped man kind survive. The morality of this is a different discussion. What interests us is their approach and how that can be adopted by the commercial world at it suffers.

One of the greatest medical developments has been in detection and the now accepted rule that 'accurate diagnosis is half the cure, treatment without understanding can be harmful if not fatal'. How many firms have invested too much in solutions with less than acceptable benefit?

For 2013 one of your core activities should be to focus on accurate diagnosis. Our reputation is one of a partnering organisation that swiftly reduces lock-up, increases realisation rates and reduces write-offs, leaving the technology aside our approach enables us to deliver pin sharp results, much of this has been bought about by our approach 'accurate diagnosis of what is required'. For us this underpins the foundations of The Revenuetion, 'Do now what needs to be done'.

Unlike many organisations we are driven to sell clients a lump of stuff at the highest price, our approach is to sell clients what they need at the highest value to both sides. Win Win.

In the year ahead the financial health of your business is determined solely by what you do now. We wish you a successful 2013 and a healthy one too!