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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Viva La Revenuetion

The Revenuetion is about change, no denying that. But "it is not what you do but how you do it" that matters.

Surely most organisations would relish an opportunity to reduce debtor days, write off's, operational costs and financial risk, but many make the mistake of trying to do too much too soon.

It is a wicked world with suppliers keen to satisfy sales targets, their clients then buying a load of 'stuff' that then takes an age to implement and provide a return on the investment. But there is another way. An agile way representing low risks with certainty of benefits, this is the Revenuetion way.

Simply put the Revenuetion methodology is a collaborative frame work between us and you (the client), where we identify areas of opportunity and then put in place short, direct projects to deliver small bursts of benefit within a very short period of time. To achieve this level of agility and speed to benefit we create a special forces team with you, known as the 'Revenuetionaries', consisting of our people and your people working in harmony. It is amazing and very very dynamic.

Welcome to The Revenuetion! Not a revolution, but an evolution within months!

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